Merenciana (Meddy) Paulus


Merenciana (Meddy) Paulus is a Des Moines Local. Originally, from Des Moines she discovered her strong interest and enjoyment in fitness. Meddy was exposed to CrossFit by a close friend and former trainer. She instantly fell in love with the challenges CrossFit offered and support from a community of like minded individuals.
Fast forward to today, Now with 9 years experience as a Coach & Trainer & 5 years as a Small Business Owner, Meddy has continued to grow and share her knowledge with a community of individuals seeking to better themselves.
Meddy believes that health and fitness should and can be accessible to everyone. She strives to build a culture of acceptance, positivity and strength. She believes (and is living proof) that anything is possible.
She claims she doesn’t work for a living because she enjoys what she does far too much.
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