Morgan Johnson


Morgan attended Coe College for a year where she played basketball before transferring to the University of Northern Iowa. There, she graduated with a B.A. in Health Promotion & emphasis in Fitness and Wellness.
Morgan is a certified CF-L1, USAW L1, Personal Trainer, and obtained her Nutrition Coaching certification through Precision Nutrition.
Morgan’s CrossFit journey started in 2015; she is a seasoned CrossFit athlete who has a great deal of competition experience. She uses her unique experiences to teach others how to push past perceived limits & accomplish more than they thought they were capable of.
“I believe that not only can fitness be molded to help achieve the individual goals & successes of each athlete, but that it will give you confidence that will spill over into other areas of your life...and then you will become unstoppable.”
Morgan is passionate about empowering others to make fitness, health and nutrition a priority.
She is excited to help others make what may seem impossible, possible.

Black Collar CrossFit

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