Who we are, what we believe, & what we practice!

Black Collar CrossFit is more than a gym. It is a group of individuals who have collectively come together for a common purpose. To become better than yesterday. To live our lives in a healthy and productive manner. Our goals our to achieve a level of fitness and healthy habits like none other. We are committed to our journeys. We understand that fitness looks different for everyone, however the results are unparalleled. 


What we believe!

Fitness is available for all abilities. Fitness isn’t just for the elite or athletic. Fitness is a critical part of our everyday living. Our bodies were intended to be active. With proper instruction and care our fitness will thrive. 


What we practice!

CrossFit is the name of our game. It is a well designed plan to challenge you body and mind on a daily basis. It’s benefits outweigh other programs. We teach you movements that will benefit your day to day living.

Our Trainers

Garth Janssen



Merenciana (Meddy) Paulus


Meddy has 9 years experience as a Coach & Trainer & 5 years as a Small Business Owner, Meddy has continued to grow and share her knowledge with a community of individuals seeking to better themselves. Meddy holds a CF-L2 certification.